I want to make a reservation

It is not possible to make a reservation in any of our restaurants. Please just come by. For larger groups our restaurant Sapporo'9 Takumi in Mitte which is a bit more spacious.

What are your opening hours?

You can find our opening hours on the restaurant pages 'Takumi NINE' and 'Takumi'9 Sapporo' respectively.

Are you open today/on this public holiday?

We are open every day, 365 days a year. In the rare case of the restaurants being closed we will always make an announcement on our facebook pages and change the opening hours on Google accordingly, so these two sources are ery reliable. You can find our regular opening hours here: Takumi NINE, Takumi'9 Sapporo.

Do you have vegan dishes?

Yes. Many of our ramen can be ordered in a vegan version. You can check the vegan options on the menu here: Takumi NINE, Takumi'9 Sapporo.

Do you have vegetarian dishes?

Yes. All of our ramen (except Curry and Noukou Shio Ramen) can be ordered in a vegetarian version.

Do you have gluten-free dishes?

Unfortunately not. All of our dishes use either cereals or soysauce containing gluten.

Where can I find the menu?

You can see the menu here: Takumi NINE, Takumi'9 Sapporo

Do you do delivery?/Can I order take-out?

You can order for Take Away and Delivery using Wolt at Takumi'9 Sapporo or Wolt at Takumi NINE. Unfortunately you may not be able to order during busy hours. You can also order for Take Away directly at both of our restaurants. Just come by!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are welcome at Takumi. Please be considerate of other guests.